How to Email Text Messages

If you need to export or email text messages from your phone then you can do this in 3 taps using the Email Text Messages app.

Once you have installed Email Text Messages on your Android phone you can follow this tutorial.

Tap on each step in turn for detailed instructions.

1. Open the app

Find the Email Text Messages app icon on your phone and open the app.

2. Main Menu

You'll see the main menu, which is super simple and has a button to start the process.

Tap the Quick Export button. This then opens the next page showing your text message conversations.

3. Select a conversation

You'll see a list of text message conversations, showing the most recent ones first.

Select the conversation that you want to email.

4. Preview text message PDF file

The app will collect all the messages from your chosen conversation and generate a Preview of the txt file.

You can scroll up and down the preview to see all the messages.

You now have the option of emailing or exporting the messages.

5. Print your messages

Tap the Export Messages button. You'll see options to Email as Attachemnt, Email as Text & Share/Send to Cloud Storage.

Email as attachment attaches the messages ina text file to a blank email.

Email as text copies the messages into the body of a blank email.

Share/Send to Cloud Storage allows you to send the txt file to all compatible services you have installed.

A text file containing the messages is also automatically stored in the EmailTextMessages folder on your device, if you want to copy the messages to a computer.


Technical Support

If you need help to email the text messages from your phone or have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.